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Dear All,,
It all started in China 10 years ago. Out of 12000 Chinese urologists, 1100 were deeply interested only in the field of urolithiasis and they formed an association called 'Urolithiasis group of Chinese Urological association" and started having annual conferences of this society. Then they started calling international experts to their meetings and this is how I came in contact with this group from 2008 onwards. I became a regular visitor.In last 5 years they had visits of several noted experts in urolithiasis from US. Europe, Turkey, UK etc also . Obviously major chunk of attendees and faculty was from China only.
In 2013, Prof. Arthur Smith, Christian Chausse , David Tolly , and few others were also called and a society Called INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE OF UROLITHIASIS was launched at Guangzhou, China. I have been nominated as vice president of this society. 3rd Annual conference of IAU was held at Kathmandu, Nepal on 29th and 30th of November 2014 and 16 Indian urologists had participated as faculty and delegates.
Dr. Zhangqun Ye
Dr. Guohua Zeng
Dr. Kemal Sarica
Dr. Sanjay Khadgi
  • 4th IAU meeting
    Dates : 14th - 15th November           2015
    Venue : GUIYANG city China
  • 5th IAU meeting
    Dates : 19th - 20th November           2016
    Venue : New Delhi, INDIA