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Statutes of the Inaternational Alliance of Urolithiasis
PREFACE: The international Alliance of urolithiasis was conceived by professors Zhangqun ye, kemal sarica and guahuaZeng, to maintain and to expand the scientific collaboration and camaraderie among urologists Working in the field of urolithiasis throughout the World.
Article 1: Name of the organization
The organization Shall be termed the international Alliance of Urolithiasis, hereafter referred to as the “IAU”. It Shall be formed as a scientific and non-profit-making organization.
Article 2: location of the IAU
The charter of the IAU shall be registered in the people’s Republic of china. The headquarters of the organization Will be located in the Department of urology, the first Affilited Hospital of Guangzhou medical University, Guangzhou, china.
Article 3: Vision and Mission
To train professionals in urolithiasis; to encourage research and innovation in the field of urolithiasis; to promote international exchange and cooperation; and to develop Sustainable objectives in the field of urolithiasis.
Article 4: Not for profit
The IAU Shall not engage in any profit-making business and it shall be Clearly defined in the Statutes and in the by-laws. The IAU Sahll not Enter intoany transaction, carry out any activity, or engage in any business solely for pecuniary purpose. Any Income generated by the IAU shall be used exclusively for the official business of the Alliance, as set forth herein. No part of the income shall be used for the benefit of any Member or individual.
Article 5: By-Laws
The by-laws of the IAU Shall not Contradict the IAU Statues. The by-laws must be adopted and may be amended from time to time, after due notice, by atwo thirds majority of the eligible Voting members present. The by-laws shall be amended only after discussion and approval by the general Assembly.
Article 5: Administration of the IAU
The executive Committee: The administration of the shall be at all times vested in its Executive committee and the committee shall consist of the following members:
General Secretary
Deputy General Secretary
The Executive committee is tasked to prmote the Visions and missions of the IAU.
The Inaugural Meeting of the International Alliance of urolithiasis
The Conference of urolithiasis group of Guangdong Medical Association of urology /8 The committee is to ensureclear Comunication and ethical conduct of all IAU members. The committee shall work to enhance the reputation of the organization.
Article 7th: membership
1. Active membership:
2. Junior membership
3. Honorary (charter) Membership
Active membership is eligible to all certified urologists within their appropriate national organizations. Active members have voting right set the general Assembly. Application for Active membership should be made directly to the IAU general secretary with the necessary documentation.
Junior Membership is open to urologists in training or in residency. Junior members have no voting rights at the General Assembly. Application is made directly to the IAU general secretary accompanied with a letter from the department chief of the applicant attesting his or her training Status. Upon certification as a urologist, a junior Member may apply to become an Active Member.
Honorary (charter) Membership is Conferred on the founding member of the IAU. It may also be offered to others who have made a Significant contribution to the IAU. Their membership Shall be Recommended by the Executive committee and approved by the general Assembly. Honorary (Charter) Member have voting rights at the general Assembly.
Section 1st : Meeting
general Assembly of the IAu

Meeting of the general Assembly Shall be held at least annually. They Shall Coincide With the IAU congresses. All members shall have the right of attendance.
The general secretary Shall notify all members of the location and the date of the upcoming General Assembly. The general Secretary shall solicit submission of scientific presentations (papers), Comments, Suggestions, recommendations, and voting issues 90 days prior to the general Assembly. All communications received by the general secretary shall be presented to the Executive committee for review, discussion and disposition. Not less than 30 days prior to the general Assembly, the general Secretary shall send formal invitations to attend the general Assembly along with a meeting Agenda. Only Active Members and Honorary (charter) Member have the voting rights on any issue placed on the Agenda. The president shall not cast a vote unless there is a tie in the votes. In such a scenario, the president shall cast the deciding vote.
All Members at the general Assembly shall have the right to Submitmatters not present on the Agenda for discussion. These issues shall be listed under “Any other Business”. All items under Any other business cannot be voted on during the same Meeting but should be deferred to the next General Assembly.
Section 2: presidency
The president shall convene and preside over the general Assembly.
Section 3: voting
All voting issues shall be decided by the majority of voting members presented at the General Assembly.
Section 4: Approval of Financial Statement and Budget
Each year During the general Assembly, the treasurer of the IAU shall present the Annual Financial Statement and Budget for approval by the voting members present at the meeting.
Article 9th: Dissolution of IAU
The IAU is chartered in perpetuity. It may only be dissolved by a resolution approved by a two- thirds majority of the eligible voting members. Once such are solution is passed, the Executive committee is responsible for the disposition of all the assets accumulated and liabilities incurred by the IAU.
Any remaining assets of IAU shall be paid or transferred to another organization or institution that has a similar vision and mission as the IAU. The General Assembly or, in the absence of consensus, the executive committee shall approve such disposition.
By-Laws of the International Alliance of Urolithiasis
Article 1st: Membership
Section 1st: Approvel of Membership
New members the shall be approved by the Executive committee periodically throughout the calendar Year. The general Secretary shall register and notify all new members and a certificate of Membership shall be issued.
Section 2:membership fees
With the exception of the Honorary (Charter) and junior Member, an annual fee shall be assessed on all active members of the IAU. The amount of the assessment shall be set by the Executive committee and approved by the General Assembly.
Section 3: membership Privileges
All active members are entitled to participate in the IAU Congress.
All active members are entitled to apply for grants and assistance in the broadest scense from the IAU for research, continuing education and organization endeavors.
Article 2nd: Executive Committee
The Membership of the Executive Committee shall consist of the president, the General Secretary, the deputy general Secretary and the treasurer.
The Executive Committee is the decision-making body of the IAU. Its decisions Shal be carried out by the different offices and Sub-Committee that will be established.
6- The inaugural meeting of the International Alliance of Yrolithiasis The Conference of Urolithiasis group of Guangdong medical Association Of Urology/ 10 The Executive Committee Shall act as an independent body set forth by the statues and By-laws of the IAU.
Vacancies for the completed or unexpired trem in the Executive Committee or any of the offices And sub-committees shall be filled with candidates approved by a majority of votes in the Executive Committee.
Section 1st: General Secretary
The general Secretery Shall serve as the Chairman of the Executive Committee. In the absence of the president, the general Secretary Shall assume his or her function. The general Secretary Shall Coordinate all IAU activities.
Section 2: Deputy general Secretary
The Deputy general Secretary is the assistant to general Secretary and shall fill the function of his or her office in the absence of the General Secretary.
Section 3: Treasurer
The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all IAU assets.
The treasurer is responsible for accounting and record-Keeping of all IAU finances.
The Treasurer is responsible for Preparing the Annual Financial Statement and Submitting it to the Executive and General Assembly for Approval.
The treasurer is responsible for overseeing an annual audit of the IAU finances by an independent Certified public Accountant. The Audit report shall be Submitted to the Executive committee and to the General Assembly for review and approval.
The Treasurer may be tasked to perform other duties assigned by the President IAU or his (her) Successor.
Article 3rd: Language
The official Language of the IAU is English. 7- The Inaugural Meeting of the International Alliance of Urolithiasis The Conference of urolithiasis Group of Guangdong Medical Association of Urology/ 12
  • 4th IAU meeting
    Dates : 14th - 15th November           2015
    Venue : GUIYANG city China
  • 5th IAU meeting
    Dates : 19th - 20th November           2016
    Venue : New Delhi, INDIA